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Relieving Detal Anxiety

Don't Let Dental Fear and Anxiety Stop You From Getting a Healthy Smile!

You've been seeing it on your calendar for weeks. A dental appointment is coming up. You know how important those visits are, but you start to make excuses for not going. I won't cancel, I'll just reschedule. I'm really busy that day. I brush all the time, anyway. What you could be doing is making excuses about dental anxiety. If the thought of going to the dentist fills you with anxiety or dread, sedation dentistry can help relieve your concerns. Dr. Kirchner of Kirchner Dental received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Indiana University, and has a lot of training and awards in his dental history.

Dental Anxiety is Common

People can fear going to the dentist for several reasons. Often, there was a problem with a past dental visit. For example, maybe local anesthesia was not done correctly and a dental procedure was more painful than you or the dentist thought it would be. You also could have been treated coldly by the staff there. Then again, some people have dental anxiety because of stories they've heard.

Find Comfort at Kirchner Dental

Jeffersonville, IN dental patient in a chair receiving nitrous oxide for an anxiety-free dental cleaning.Part of feeling relaxed and calm in our Jeffersonville, IN dentist office is due to our focus on your comfort. After all, we are here for you. That's why we offer a snack bar and drinks in our waiting area. You will also get a comfort menu at our office, where you can select the options that can best help you feel relaxed. These include blankets, pillows, and even iPad headphones for music.

Know Before You Go

Sometimes, fear comes from what you don't know. If you head into a doctor's office with no idea what kind of tests or procedures they'll do, of course you'll be anxious. Knowledge can certainly help, which is why top-notch Jeffersonville, IN dentists Dr. Kirchner and our staff will thoroughly explain what will happen. For example, if you need teeth whitening, we will go over exactly how we'll apply the whitening agent. We'll also discuss any potential side effects and all of the benefits. This way, you can feel comfortable knowing what will happen.

The Wand™ Makes Shots Pain-Free

Local anesthesia is the key to having comfortable dental treatment. However, many dentists use a large needle that is sometimes worse than the cure. People became frightened of that big needle, and rightfully so. At our Jeffersonville, IN dentist office, you can get local anesthesia without discomfort thanks to The Wand. This computer-controlled system controls the flow of the anesthetic and even numbs the area to make getting anesthesia easy.

Conscious Sedation for Relaxed Appointments

When people think about getting sedation at the dentist's office, they often expect to fall asleep. That level of deep sedation is usually not necessary. It also makes it impossible for Dr. Kirchner to ask you any questions during a treatment. Such feedback can be important. Instead, we offer conscious sedation. You will enter a deeply relaxed, calm state, but you will stay conscious. We offer two types:
•  Nitrous oxide is also called laughing gas. You breathe it in through a small mask on your nose. Almost immediately, you will feel calm. The effects wear off as soon as you stop breathing the gas
•  Oral medication is sedation in pill form. You take it one hour before coming to Dr. Kirchner of Kirchner Dental in Jeffersonville, IN. It's slightly stronger than nitrous oxide, so you will have to get someone to drive you to and from our office

Nitrous Oxide Can Ease Your Fear

Patients with severe dental anxiety often worry that there is nothing out there that can help them overcome their fear of the dentist. We have good news! Nitrous Oxide is a great way to relax at your next dental appointment. It calms your body completely, but it allows you to be able to communicate with the doctor as needed. We have seen many terrified patients have excellent appointments with the assistance of nitrous oxide.

Don't let fear force you to neglect your teeth and let small problems get painful and expensive. Call Kirchner Dental in Jeffersonville, IN at (812) 913-6093 for your next appointment with Dr. Kirchner.

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