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Reconstructive Dentures

What are Reconstructive Dentures?

Reconstructive dentures are designed to restore people's ability to eat. A lower conventional denture has become essentially a disability. When the teeth are removed, the jaw shrinks in a way that can cause a lower denture to become unwearable. Most times, a conventional denture can float in the patient's mouth and cause sore spots to occur. Patients with reconstructive dentures can get unmatched stability.
Dr. Kirchner uses a special technique to improve denture stability. He uses a special impression technique to capture even the most resorbed jaw in the impression. Then he uses a special device to capture the bite. The device uses a patient generated bite that is unmatched. Patients consistently remark on how stable Dr. Kirchner’s dentures feel. The final step in the capture process involves using the patient’s muscles to determine where the lower teeth are positioned. This process compensates for the loss of bone that occurs when the teeth are removed. The increased stability gives patients greater confidence in eating and everyday activities.

There are people who want more retention than Reconstructive Dentures can provide. For those patients, dental implants are the best option. Dr. Kirchner can anchor a denture to dental implants in order to create stability in almost any situation. There are multiple options for securing a denture to implants. For the lower jaw, the options are 2–4 implants to support a denture. The upper jaw would need 4 implants. We are able to create enough retention that it is difficult to remove the denture. You won’t have to worry about your denture moving or dropping during conversations and eating.

What are the advantages of Reconstructive Dentures?

•  Increased stability of upper and lower dentures.
•  Eliminate or decrease denture sore spots and pain.
•  Increased retention of upper and lower dentures.
•  Better comfort when eating and wearing the dentures. Most patients say that they have more room for their tongue.
•  Depending on the amount of bone present, you may be able to eliminate the use of denture powder and cream.
•  Reconstructive Dentures can be a great alternative for people who are not candidates for dental implants.
•  Getting your confidence back!

What is the investment for Reconstructive Dentures?

Every case is different. Dr. Kirchner will perform an exam and at that point, he and the patient will co-discover what options are available for their situation. No two cases are the same. There are many different options available depending on your wants and needs. Through careful discussion, you and Dr. Kirchner will explore your options and create a treatment plan that best fits your situation. Then we will discuss the investment with you. There are never any surprises!

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