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Implant Supported Dentures

How can implants help me with my dentures?

Dental implants are able to stabilize upper and lower dentures. Implants enable us to secure even the most unstable dentures. The retention that implants provide can vary depending on the number of dental implants used.

Two to four implants can be used for a lower denture. Four implants provide optimal stability. With four implants we can make a lower denture so retentive that it is difficult to remove. With two implants, the denture does not move around in the patient’s mouth but does have some give when eating. Most patients are extremely satisfied with 2 implants. However, those patients who want the ultimate in stability do best with four.

The upper arch needs a minimum of four implants to stabilize an upper denture. Implant supported dentures for the Maxilla are extremely stable and patients love the benefits that they provide. One of the most desired benefits of an upper implant supported denture is the ability to take out the palate of the denture. When the denture is fabricated, the technician designs the denture so that it does not cover the palate. This makes more space for the tongue and allows the wearer to sense temperature changes better and also taste their food better compared to a conventional denture.

How does the denture attach to the implants?

There are two methods that are currently used to attach dentures to implants. The most common way to attach a denture is to use what is called a Locator attachment. Locators are like a button which allows the denture to snap onto the implants. We can change the retention of the locators and fine tune the retention based on the desires of the patient.

We are also able to create a bar overdenture. This allows greater stability and retention. The denture snaps onto the bar and creates retention that rivals a fixed bridge.

What if I don't want to remove my dentures from my mouth?

For those who don't want to hassle with removing their dentures or are embarrassed by doing so, we have a fixed option that allows people to keep their dentures in their mouth without ever taking them out. This option is called a fixed implant supported bridge or an All on 4.

The All on 4 is the ultimate in denture replacement. It is the most desirable option that we offer. There is virtually no bulkiness compared to a traditional denture. It also allows the patient to not have their palate covered. It is the closest replacement to natural teeth possible.

What are the benefits of having an implant retained denture?

•  Having the ultimate in stability and retention!
•  Having confidence and knowing that your dentures won't slip and cause an embarrassing situation.
•  With the All on 4 technique, you will never have to take your teeth out again.
•  Being able to eat your favorite foods again.

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