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Fixed Implant Bridge

What is an All on 4 or Fixed Implant Bridge?

An All on 4 is a technique where a bridge is made to replace all of the teeth in an arch. This technique allows the patient to keep the bridge in their mouth at all times. The All on 4 is retained by four implants. It allows patients with even the most resorbed ridge to be able to have implants and secure their teeth. It is rare that we are not able to help a patient have this type of bridge.

Will I have to go without teeth when I get an All on 4?

There is now a technique that allows us to attach the All on 4 to the implants the same day the teeth are removed. This is revolutionary for people who have been reluctant to get dentures because they don’t want to remove their teeth at night. From start to finish, you will have the security in knowing that your teeth won’t move or dislodge.

What are the benefits of the All on 4?

•  Have the ultimate in stability for your teeth.
•  You won’t have to take your teeth in and out at night.
•  Having the option of attaching the bridge to your teeth the same day the implants are placed.
•  Greatly improve your quality of life.

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